Are you moving to Australia? Top 5 Places to Visit in Melbourne

1. Philip Island Nature Park

This is Melbourne’s most popular tourist attraction. If you haven’t seen penguins yet, the Phillip Island Nature Park offers tourists the opportunity to see Penguin Parade as they return to the island after spending a day in the ocean in search of food. You can view the entire activity from an elevated platform with an experienced guide providing a history of Phillip Island and some fun and trivia facts. Unlike Penguin Parade, Philip Island Nature Park also hosts Koala Conservation Center and Churchill Island. Just 90 minutes’ drive from Melbourne, you can enjoy and explore this popular tourist area in ​​Australia.

2. Puffy the Billy Bukhari train

Located near Melbourne in Dandenong Ranges, Puffing Billy Steam is a century-old tourist railroad that still works with the original mountain paths. It attracts tourists from Australia and abroad because of its historical roots and the pleasant experience that people can enjoy on this train. Lunch, snacks and dinner are served, and you can enjoy it according to your visit schedule. Souvenirs and even fun jazz and theme tours like Halloween and Christmas are offered to tourists. You and your family can enjoy the train rides while enjoying great views of the Dandenong ranges.

3. Melbourne Museum

Learn about the world and Australia at the Melbourne Museum. From marine life and dinosaurs to different architecture and artefacts, every show that opens in the Melbourne Museum offers a great understanding of our history, Earth life, our evolution, and our culture. Check out the latest current offers online before visiting.

4. Union Square and Crown Entertainment Complex

For a great source of shopping, food, accommodation, entertainment, music and nightlife, visit Melbourne’s famous Union Square. Here you can find the hustle and bustle of life and activities including art gallery openings and slots, the Melbourne Visitor Center, the city’s best food and wine and sporting events. If you are ready for some luxury entertainment, you can also try visiting the Crown Entertainment complex. Here you can find restaurants, hotels, spas, bars and nightclubs

5. Yara Valley factories

To savour the best wines in the city, visit the wineries in the Yarra Valley. These beautiful rural wineries can be reached for a 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD. You can choose to stay longer with a nice property or winery. If you have a passion for good wine, you can explore the authentic local wines made by Yara Valley farmers and winemakers. You may even get a discount from buying good wines directly from the winemakers themselves.

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