Most Popular Universities in the US for International Students

American universities remain among the most popular for thousands of international students. In recent years, the size of students enrolled in colleges across the country has steadily increased. The Institute of International Education estimates that about 700,000 international students are enrolled in American universities and colleges every year.

The United States remains the preferred destination for many international students. This is even though the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries are intensifying their efforts to attract international students. The UK remains the second most popular destination for international students, with an annual enrollment of international students of around 350,000.

Most of these foreign students are Asians. It is estimated that approximately 62% of international students in the United States come from different countries in Asia. This compares to only 13% of international students coming from Europe and about 10% from Latin American countries. Below are the top three universities with the largest number of foreign students enrolled, based on data from the Institute of International Education.

Columbia University

Columbia University in New York City is the oldest higher education institution in New York. It currently operates up to seven global centres in Colombia abroad in Beijing, Istanbul, Oman, Mumbai, Paris, Nairobi and Santiago. The university is famous for managing the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. It also belongs to more Nobel Prize winners than any other academic institution in the world. Not surprisingly, it has the largest number of international students, accounting for approximately 26% of all international registrants in the country.

Harvard university

Undoubtedly, Cambridge, Massachusetts has become popular with international students because it is the prestigious Harvard University site. It makes sense because he brought together eight American presidents, 75 Nobel Prize winners, and 62 billionaires alive. It also has the largest university library in the country, and it is also one of the largest in the world. In the United States, about 23% of international students are enrolled in university.

University of Southern California

The oldest private research university in California has one of the largest groups of international students in the United States. About 22% of the country’s total foreign students are enrolled here. Its location in Los Angeles, California is a strategic location for building relationships with other research institutions, especially in Asia and the Pacific. California is home to some of the best universities in the United States.

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